Sabtu, 24 Julai 2010

i can't wait for...


First would be absolutely the coming Ramadhan *okay, be honest..more to aidil fitri actually* like seriously, the weather nowadays make me feel that now is ramadhan already, super hot. and people like always be thirsty all the time. everytime i went back from clinic, i will stop to indomart nearby (indomart is a one like 7 eleven here)to buy drinks, or cornetto. things that i love about ramadhan is the atmosphere during night, that you will be feel calm all the time, maybe because usually on ramadhan nights all the mosque here will read the Quran. and besides that, of course the time when we break the fast,, so many foods on the table *toing,toing,toing* and at last, there will be some left over * this is not good people (yeah,talking to myself)* and now i am craving for kuih raya :(

Second is my coming graduation day that will be held on maybe at 23-27 august(this what i hate about this place, never can fix the date earlier,,hufftt). can't wait to try on the new baju kebaya songket that i sent to tailor last few days. the tailor service charge was sooo expensive! double price of my cloth i bought! better my kebaya will turn out well mr tailor! hehe, actually there is no big deal on this graduation coz it is just my first graduation. here i will have two times of graduation. the coming first graduation is for degree of bachelor dentistry. and the second one is the degree of profession ( this time i'll officially get the title dr. infront my name)..and to reach for the second graduation is like very very very far away though! there's alot of requirements i have to catch up! :S

can't wait to put this graduation cap on my head

the last one is............. BALIK RAYA!!!!! hewhewhew,, few days after my graduation day. urghh,,can't wait! after 5months...finally! *a big smile*

i'm already book flight ticket for raya like ages ago :P

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Suhaimi Abd Wahid berkata...

huh dah nk grad dah.. isk2 jeles2 huhu jeles2... btw nama topi tue Mortar Board hahahah :P

syareena tajuddin berkata...

whoopss,,mortar board is it?hehe,,i googled it,,die ckp cap aku igt itulah namanya,hahaha.

mane ade su,,ni 1st graduation yg sbnrnye meaningless. yg my 2nd graduation next year (hopefully) yg penting