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do you guys stuck watching Parenthood just like me, would stay in front of the tv eventhough commercial advertisement is between them?

the casts of Parenthood

For those who hasn't watch this series yet, here i brought the synopsis. credit to aceshowbiz.

-This contemporary re-imagining of the blockbuster film depicts the colorful and imperfect Braverman family.

When Sarah Braverman (Graham, "Gilmore Girls"), a financially strapped single mother, returns home to her parents and siblings in Berkeley, Calif. after packing up her Fresno apartment and uprooting her two inconvenienced kids, Amber (Mae Whitman, "In Treatment") and Drew (Miles Heizer, "ER"), she is greeted by her opinionated father, Zeek (Nelson, "Family Stone," "Coach"), and strong mother, Camille (Bedelia, "Heart Like a Wheel"), who are privately dealing with their own marital issues. As Sarah is reunited with her siblings - sister, Julia (Christensen, "Traffic"), and brothers Crosby (Shepard, "Baby Mama") and Adam (Krause, "Six Feet Under") - all struggling with issues of their own, it's clear that the Braverman reunion is just what they need to face the everyday challenges of modern family life.-

I wouldn't hesitates to recommend this perfect series to all. trust me babe! :)
For me, this series portrayed the real life of parenting life. i admit parenting sometimes is sucks (when child is rebellious, not even listen to their parents), but at the same time it also gives beautiful and sweet experiences that u couldn't find for free. Five stars and standing ovation to the casts who didn't fail to play the character so well. I'm impressed!

Krause plays as Adam who is a great father of two kids; a girl teenager Haddie and Max, an autisme kid, lovely and sweet husbands too. Scenes how did he react when his only daughter brought back her boyfriend home to be introduced to him absolutely reminds me when i brought back mine too. hahahaha! :P

p/s: go the cd stores nearby and grab this series. wouldn't disappoint you definitely.

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