Ahad, 4 Julai 2010

Every women deserve a Chanel

Classic collection of Chanel

I would die for a Chanel rather die before have one. It's sound so bimbo, but it is true. Btw, thanks to one of my girls, Wan Ching ( you should be proud your name appear in my blog, proudchicken's blog *cough2*), who introduce me the link of a blog which i am into it for this moment. And because of this blog, i became so obsess of Chanel...DAMN IT! I swear, i never like branded handbags such as Chanel, LV, Dior, etc before. When peoples buy those pricely handbags, i would like, " Oh my God! Why they would spend thousands ringgit just for a handbag??? It's ridiculous!It's just a handbag~" BUT NOW, i suddenly realize what-we-called ESTHETIC of the handbag, especially Chanel...phewww!~

I am 23 years old and just a scholarship holder, -_______- Who on earth will give me Chanel bag for free? or for 95% discounts perhaps? :P Seriously for now, eventhough i am fully dress up from head to toe, to enter Chanel store also i would never do girls. hahahaha!

In Bandung, there are so many fake branded handbags sells here. Just name it, it's all here. plus, the fake one also have their own grade...from the material that looks very very the material that looks close like the original one. For me, i will never wear the fake branded items. you know, when i wear it, in every steps i go, i will be very conscious and ask myself would anybody noticed that the one i wear right now is just the fake one? If they do notice it, how ashamed i would be. This feeling is started after i bought myself Guess hand watch, 3 years ago. Since that, i wouldn't feel confident enough to walk around with the fake one. For me, it is ok to buy stuff that meets our purchase ability although it is not so branded enough.

Mine from Charles n Keith

just love the stripes

just nice for me

Me, Shoes, and Handbags...where the hearts is perfectly collides~

P/s: i am pretty sure, i will have a Chanel one day. :)

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Suhaimi Abd Wahid berkata...

nnt u become a dentist sure2 mmpu~~ lg pon u can pow Faeiz heheheh he sure gonna be filthy rich by then.. tp kan.. i think u need to dress n accessories ur self not by the BRAND lah akak.. wear sumting yg look decent n elegent.. branded stuff tu biasa2 jek... no need to aim for the brand.. just sumting look nice on d eyes~~

syareena tajuddin berkata...

hahaha,,trust me sue..that's what y belief before. but u know, sometimes, when we buy branded stuff n wear it, the feeling is not the same, you will be much much confident of yourself. it just like a woman who walk with a stiletto instead of flat sandal. hehe, but still. it depends on our purchase ability. i wont caught myself into debt just for buying those branded stuff.