Isnin, 5 Julai 2010

Independent woman

Mondays Night Laughs. The only thing that i love about Monday. Accidently On Purpose is one of the shows that can't stop make me laugh. oh, i love Billie. Actually i admired more on her character. INDEPENDENT WOMAN.

am I independent enough? * keep thinking*

actually, by living by myself here far away from my parents and this long distance relationship (LDR) taught me well how to be independent enough. Of course, when you have to do all stuff all by yourself. cooking, find a house or kostan to live, pay the bills by yourself, washing cloth (eventhough now i do have laundry), go some places that not so familiar to you just by yourself, alone!

suddenly i remember when my only brother want to rent a house since he's nearly got married last few years.

ayah: along mintak ayah teman dia pergi sign contract sewa rumah dgn owner rumah malam ni.

me: (stunned!) HAAAAA???

ayah: (just laughing..)

me: nak sign contract pun kena berteman ke? sign je kot..lepas tu bayar sudah.

ayah: (keep laughing..)

me: along..along..kelakar betul. dah besar kot, lelaki pulak tu. hahaha. angah kat bandung cari rumah sendiri je. nk sewa rumah pun buat surat kontrak sendiri kot.

ayah: itu lah kualiti yang ada pada students yang studying abroad. survival. kerajaan hantar students study abroad bukan untuk memandaikan students tu lebih tapi sebab nak bagi ada kualiti self-survive kat students supaya boleh bergelut di masa depan.

me: (couldn't agree more) *but still i guess Along had his own reason why he want a company there. maybe he don't want to make a bad choice for a house. he had his point there!

And when i asked Faeiz am I an independent woman, the conversation turns out like this:
me: bie, honey ni independent woman tak?

faeiz: honey mmg sorg yg bdikari sbb honey dok jauh ngn fmly. so,honey da mengharungi mcm2 mslh tanpa bntuan fmly.

me: lagi?

faeiz: ape ek? .....................................

(actually it is quite hard for me to ask Faeiz make his own opinion about this coz he is not a kind of man who freely expressed his feeling and thoughts...or in another word, NOT ROMANTIC ENOUGH!) -_______-

and..all by myself. :P

P/s: but still. i'm just a normal creature of woman. i still need a man. not on my back, but beside me :)

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