Sabtu, 24 Julai 2010

i can't wait for...


First would be absolutely the coming Ramadhan *okay, be honest..more to aidil fitri actually* like seriously, the weather nowadays make me feel that now is ramadhan already, super hot. and people like always be thirsty all the time. everytime i went back from clinic, i will stop to indomart nearby (indomart is a one like 7 eleven here)to buy drinks, or cornetto. things that i love about ramadhan is the atmosphere during night, that you will be feel calm all the time, maybe because usually on ramadhan nights all the mosque here will read the Quran. and besides that, of course the time when we break the fast,, so many foods on the table *toing,toing,toing* and at last, there will be some left over * this is not good people (yeah,talking to myself)* and now i am craving for kuih raya :(

Second is my coming graduation day that will be held on maybe at 23-27 august(this what i hate about this place, never can fix the date earlier,,hufftt). can't wait to try on the new baju kebaya songket that i sent to tailor last few days. the tailor service charge was sooo expensive! double price of my cloth i bought! better my kebaya will turn out well mr tailor! hehe, actually there is no big deal on this graduation coz it is just my first graduation. here i will have two times of graduation. the coming first graduation is for degree of bachelor dentistry. and the second one is the degree of profession ( this time i'll officially get the title dr. infront my name)..and to reach for the second graduation is like very very very far away though! there's alot of requirements i have to catch up! :S

can't wait to put this graduation cap on my head

the last one is............. BALIK RAYA!!!!! hewhewhew,, few days after my graduation day. urghh,,can't wait! after 5months...finally! *a big smile*

i'm already book flight ticket for raya like ages ago :P

Selasa, 6 Julai 2010


do you guys stuck watching Parenthood just like me, would stay in front of the tv eventhough commercial advertisement is between them?

the casts of Parenthood

For those who hasn't watch this series yet, here i brought the synopsis. credit to aceshowbiz.

-This contemporary re-imagining of the blockbuster film depicts the colorful and imperfect Braverman family.

When Sarah Braverman (Graham, "Gilmore Girls"), a financially strapped single mother, returns home to her parents and siblings in Berkeley, Calif. after packing up her Fresno apartment and uprooting her two inconvenienced kids, Amber (Mae Whitman, "In Treatment") and Drew (Miles Heizer, "ER"), she is greeted by her opinionated father, Zeek (Nelson, "Family Stone," "Coach"), and strong mother, Camille (Bedelia, "Heart Like a Wheel"), who are privately dealing with their own marital issues. As Sarah is reunited with her siblings - sister, Julia (Christensen, "Traffic"), and brothers Crosby (Shepard, "Baby Mama") and Adam (Krause, "Six Feet Under") - all struggling with issues of their own, it's clear that the Braverman reunion is just what they need to face the everyday challenges of modern family life.-

I wouldn't hesitates to recommend this perfect series to all. trust me babe! :)
For me, this series portrayed the real life of parenting life. i admit parenting sometimes is sucks (when child is rebellious, not even listen to their parents), but at the same time it also gives beautiful and sweet experiences that u couldn't find for free. Five stars and standing ovation to the casts who didn't fail to play the character so well. I'm impressed!

Krause plays as Adam who is a great father of two kids; a girl teenager Haddie and Max, an autisme kid, lovely and sweet husbands too. Scenes how did he react when his only daughter brought back her boyfriend home to be introduced to him absolutely reminds me when i brought back mine too. hahahaha! :P

p/s: go the cd stores nearby and grab this series. wouldn't disappoint you definitely.

Isnin, 5 Julai 2010

Independent woman

Mondays Night Laughs. The only thing that i love about Monday. Accidently On Purpose is one of the shows that can't stop make me laugh. oh, i love Billie. Actually i admired more on her character. INDEPENDENT WOMAN.

am I independent enough? * keep thinking*

actually, by living by myself here far away from my parents and this long distance relationship (LDR) taught me well how to be independent enough. Of course, when you have to do all stuff all by yourself. cooking, find a house or kostan to live, pay the bills by yourself, washing cloth (eventhough now i do have laundry), go some places that not so familiar to you just by yourself, alone!

suddenly i remember when my only brother want to rent a house since he's nearly got married last few years.

ayah: along mintak ayah teman dia pergi sign contract sewa rumah dgn owner rumah malam ni.

me: (stunned!) HAAAAA???

ayah: (just laughing..)

me: nak sign contract pun kena berteman ke? sign je kot..lepas tu bayar sudah.

ayah: (keep laughing..)

me: along..along..kelakar betul. dah besar kot, lelaki pulak tu. hahaha. angah kat bandung cari rumah sendiri je. nk sewa rumah pun buat surat kontrak sendiri kot.

ayah: itu lah kualiti yang ada pada students yang studying abroad. survival. kerajaan hantar students study abroad bukan untuk memandaikan students tu lebih tapi sebab nak bagi ada kualiti self-survive kat students supaya boleh bergelut di masa depan.

me: (couldn't agree more) *but still i guess Along had his own reason why he want a company there. maybe he don't want to make a bad choice for a house. he had his point there!

And when i asked Faeiz am I an independent woman, the conversation turns out like this:
me: bie, honey ni independent woman tak?

faeiz: honey mmg sorg yg bdikari sbb honey dok jauh ngn fmly. so,honey da mengharungi mcm2 mslh tanpa bntuan fmly.

me: lagi?

faeiz: ape ek? .....................................

(actually it is quite hard for me to ask Faeiz make his own opinion about this coz he is not a kind of man who freely expressed his feeling and thoughts...or in another word, NOT ROMANTIC ENOUGH!) -_______-

and..all by myself. :P

P/s: but still. i'm just a normal creature of woman. i still need a man. not on my back, but beside me :)

Ahad, 4 Julai 2010

Every women deserve a Chanel

Classic collection of Chanel

I would die for a Chanel rather die before have one. It's sound so bimbo, but it is true. Btw, thanks to one of my girls, Wan Ching ( you should be proud your name appear in my blog, proudchicken's blog *cough2*), who introduce me the link of a blog which i am into it for this moment. And because of this blog, i became so obsess of Chanel...DAMN IT! I swear, i never like branded handbags such as Chanel, LV, Dior, etc before. When peoples buy those pricely handbags, i would like, " Oh my God! Why they would spend thousands ringgit just for a handbag??? It's ridiculous!It's just a handbag~" BUT NOW, i suddenly realize what-we-called ESTHETIC of the handbag, especially Chanel...phewww!~

I am 23 years old and just a scholarship holder, -_______- Who on earth will give me Chanel bag for free? or for 95% discounts perhaps? :P Seriously for now, eventhough i am fully dress up from head to toe, to enter Chanel store also i would never do girls. hahahaha!

In Bandung, there are so many fake branded handbags sells here. Just name it, it's all here. plus, the fake one also have their own grade...from the material that looks very very the material that looks close like the original one. For me, i will never wear the fake branded items. you know, when i wear it, in every steps i go, i will be very conscious and ask myself would anybody noticed that the one i wear right now is just the fake one? If they do notice it, how ashamed i would be. This feeling is started after i bought myself Guess hand watch, 3 years ago. Since that, i wouldn't feel confident enough to walk around with the fake one. For me, it is ok to buy stuff that meets our purchase ability although it is not so branded enough.

Mine from Charles n Keith

just love the stripes

just nice for me

Me, Shoes, and Handbags...where the hearts is perfectly collides~

P/s: i am pretty sure, i will have a Chanel one day. :)