Ahad, 16 Mei 2010

cheese cake

one of the variety cheese cake there, MIX FRUIT CHEESE CAKE

damn, my rotated incisors teeth is clearly seen by this angle, ok you guys please focus on the cheese cake

the cheese cake is not bad...but still can't beat the secret recipe's

we ordered two slice

wei may is too happy after her mission to find curry powder alagapas@babas accomplished

see the texture..nyummy

3 ulasan:

eeka :) berkata...

huh... no wonder la u're getting fat..

syareena tajuddin berkata...

hahahha....let it be..things here already make me stress. don't add up with body weight, diet, food restriction..and etc.

aliff + afifah + adam + ada berkata...

sheena, I couldn't agree more. kak yte & abg awad had the same experience. mula2 kak yte keje dulu & he'll complain on me. then bila dia start keje baru dia admit. mmg lain study and kerja. sgt memenatkan and klu bole weekend lah baru nk enjoy puas2. darling, u'll experience the same thing. and for now, just keep ur patience. he'll appreciate the space that u left for him. apa2 pun, huhu the cheese cake memang nampak menyeleraaaakaaannn...awwwww...