Jumaat, 5 Mac 2010


hye, i'm updating my blog.

nothing interesting happened this few days. routine~ as you, clinic, clinic...and lil bit about thesis. haih, thesis, thesis..when can i go for my seminar awal??? my target is last month..but, see..until now i still didn't have the exactly date when is my seminar awal will be!ya Allah, please smooth my path for SKG(sarjana kedokteran gigi) this year. so that, i can concentrate and speed up my performance in clinic.

yeah, spm result will come out this coming thursday. sis, syafeeka...are you in hell now?hahaha!!!can imagine your feeling right now. must be tachycardia all the time is it?hahaha, pray a lot sis! i believe ayah and ibu always pray for your success. and your sis here also pray for you. hopefully you can beat me this time. 10a1 ok dear?? but then...if you get 10a1...i bet, you have to...errr..correction...must choose medicine...but if you able to escape from the medicine-that-you-hate-so-much, the second choice will be dentistry i guess???hahahahaha..welcome to the club bebeh!

yesterday me and friends went for local movie at bandung indah plaza.the title is bahwa cinta itu ada.hehe, i seriously didn't know what the hell is significant of the movie. yes, i didn't denied, the movie is unique...they try to combine culture,, education, and politics of their country in a movie...but then, the scope is too wide i, it makes some parts of the movie not touched up very well. hahaha, plus the correlation of a part wih another is chaos..and this things that make the whole cinema laughing non stop..because they also didn't know what is the significant of that part???!!!!

guys, i might come back to malaysia for fews day. this is real short escaped! only for 5days starts from 1 april...pray for me i manage to get the permission from doctors to come back!!!my mom plan to make a kenduri when i'm back...urghhhhh, can't wait!!!after so long..finally,i'm back! :)

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eeka :) berkata...

the medicine-that-i-hate-very-much!!

now i'm fighting scr peace, with ibu. because i want to take qs.